MOXY 1At CycleScienceTraining we combine VO2 Max testing and Onset of Blood Lactate (OBLA) testing with a new exciting technology called The Moxy Muscle Oxygen Monitor.

The Moxy Muscle Oxygen Monitor provides continuous measurement of the oxygen saturation (SmO2) levels in muscle tissue of athletes to provide the most accurate assessment of fitness, form and meMOXY 2tabolic training regimes.

In a general sense, VO2 Max testing provides us a “macro” view of the athlete’s ability to “take-up” O2 and deliver it to muscle cells.  Conversely, the Moxy Muscle Oxygen Monitor provides us a “micro” view of the athlete’s actual muscle cell function and ability to actually utilize O2 to produce ATP.  Moxy can be used to “dial in” interval training with exactly the right duration of best sustainable effort as well as most effective length of recovery between training intervals.  It also helps establish training zones and identify physiological limiters.  Moxy measures SmO2 non-invasively and in real-time optically, with near-infrared light. Moxy is totally portable, so an athlete can use it anywhere.  The 1 hour, CycleScienceTraining MOXY Test protocol is $50.  To make an appointment to utilize Moxy SMO2 testing to improve your training, contact us at 206-794-2122 or email us at steve@cyclesciencetraining.com.