Personal Performance Training


Our Personal Performance Training Program exists to meet the needs of everyone by making fitness accessible, by bringing our expert trainers (certifications through NASM, ACSM, and USAT) and instructors with Masters Degrees in Exercise and Sport Science, directly to you, on your schedule.  Work out in the comfort of your living room, your office, or at a convenient location of your choice.  You can also schedule your 1-on-1 personalized training at our training facility at times and days that are easy on your schedule. 


We provide everything from the beginning exerciser whose goals are basic health and fitness, all the way to the elite athlete who needs sport specific personal training to achieve peak performance.  We can also provide advanced VO2 Max, Lactate Threshold Testing for the endurance athlete here in our Exercise Physiology Lab as well if you so desire.  In our Personal Performance Training Program; fitness is custom designed to meet your needs and your lifestyle!

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Start by telling us what you’re looking for – everything from the style of fitness you prefer, to your workout goals. We’ll match you up with the certified professional who best matches you, your lifestyle and goals.

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Whether we meet at your location or here at our training facility, our purpose is to promote healthier lifestyles and peak performance by providing the motivation and convenience that you need to achieve your goals.


We’re making fitness accessible by bringing our expert trainers and instructors directly to your door, on your schedule.  We bring all equipment needed so all you have to do is “open the door” to a healthier and more fit 2015!  All payment is handled electronically, no cash or checks needed.  $30 per hour.  Click here to contact us and get started!

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