CycleScienceTraining Road, Criterium, & TT Race Program 


The CycleScienceTraining competitive cyclist race program is a three phase ramped competition/race periodized macrocycle, mesocycles and microcycle training program that runs from 9-12 months.  The 9 month training program includes three phases; a Pre-season Assessment/Base Building Phase, a Pre-season Primary Training Phase, and the In-Race Season “Taper and Peak Performance” Phase.  Each phase is custom designed to uniquely meet the athlete’s training goals specific to Road Race, Criterium and TT racers.  Generally, each of these phases last approximately 3 months, but the length of time in each of these phases is determined by the fitness, form and rate of improvement unique to each cyclist.  The 12 month program includes a forth post-season cross training phase designed to create mental and physical recovery without loss of fitness and form.


Phase 1: Pre-season Assessment/Base Building Phase (1-3 mesocycles)

  • Assess and begin building general endurance and aerobic base (VO2 Max)
  • Assess and begin building strength and incremental improvement in Lactate Threshold (LT)
  • Assess and begin building Core Strength and flexibility (ROM)
  • Assess and improve any strength imbalance, left/right side, and posture imbalance
  • Assess and begin improving Body Composition (reduce fat %/increase lean mass %)
  • Nutritional education
  • Re-assessment of VO2 Max, Lactate Threshold (LT), and power occurs every 8 weeks to measure the cyclist’s improvement and modify the Base Building Phase as well as the cyclist’s overall race program.

Phase 2: Pre-season Primary Training Phase (2-5 mesocycles). The Pre-season Primary Training Phase is the “meat” of the training program.

  • rp 3In Phase 2, “Pre-season Primary Training”, we focus on the essential training that will elevate the athlete to peak levels of fitness and form to sustain the cyclist through the upcoming race season.
  • This phase has detailed, daily and weekly targeted training focused on the development of Lactate Threshold, Peak Anaerobic Power, Functional Threshold Power, endurance, and overall athletic performance levels.
  • Re-assessment of VO2 Max, Lactate Threshold (LT), and power occurs every 8 weeks to measure improvement and modify the Pre-season Primary Training Phase as well as the cyclist’s overall race program.

Phase 3: In-Race Season “Taper and Peak” Phase (3 mesocycles).  Once overall aerobic endurance, goal fat %, and proper nutritional lifestyle has been achieved, the athlete is ready to “peak perform” through the race season.

  • In Phase 3, “Taper and Peak”, we are “laser” focused on the athlete’s race season.
  • This phase is a unique, customized race program based upon the priority races that are important for each unique cyclist. This phase is designed to optimize performance with a combination of training, nutritional education, and rest prior to each week’s targeted races. 
  • Re-assessment of VO2 Max, Lactate Threshold (LT), and power occurs every 8 weeks to measure improvement and modify the In-Race Season “Taper and Peak” Phase as well as the cyclist’s overall race program.


The CycleScienceTraining Race Program runs 9-12 months and includes the aforementioned three phases of training.  The important metrics provided by the Base Assessment Package are retested every other month throughout the 9-12 month race program.  The Base Assessment/Re-test Package includes:

  • VO2 Max, gas analysis (O2/CO2 exchange) test provided by a metabolic cart.
  • Onset of Blood Lactate Test (OBLA) this test is conducted during a ramped protocol test on the professional level Cyclus2 Ergometer. Blood draw conducted by our staff phlebotomist.
  • A Maximum Cadence Test (MCT) The MCT is conducted on our professional level Cyclus2 Ergometer for 6 seconds of all-out effort and is another important anaerobic metric utilized for the sprinter, TT cyclist.
  • Bifurcated Body Composition Assessment via Skinfold measurements and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis.
  • Power Testing At CycleScienceTraining we understand how important power is for the cyclist, which is why CST conducts both a Peak Anaerobic Power Test (PAT30) and assesses Functional Threshold Power (FTP).
  • Additional services include our Integrated Core Strength, L/R Imbalance, Flexibility Assessment (CEP). The (CEP) is the basis for our posture Corrective Exercise Program (CEP) which is designed to stabilize, strengthen and increase power transfer by correcting posture, strength, flexibility imbalances from left to right in the cyclist, $75.

A “Macrocycle” refers to a larger training cycle, usually 9-12 months long.  A “Mesocycle” refers to a 1 month training cycle, and a “Microcycle” refers to a 1 week training cycle.  

The CycleScienceTraining Road Race Training Program is $300 a month which includes all physiology lab assessments and periodized training program design, (monthly payment plans are  accepted).